THE LABHOI/UFF "PASSADOS PRESENTES" COLLECTION gathers the films "A Present Past - Afro-Brazilian Memories in Rio de Janeiro" (2011, Hebe Mattos and Martha Abreu), "Verses and Cudgels - Stick Playing in the Afro-Brazilian Culture of the Paraiba Valley" (2009, Matthias Assunção and Hebe Mattos), "Jongos, Calangos and Folias - Black Music, Memory and Poetry" (2007, Hebe Mattos and Martha Abreu), "Memories of Captivity" (2005, Hebe Mattos, Martha Abreu, Guilherme Fernandez and Isabel Castro). To purchase the DVD collection please access the site of UFF's Publishing house:

In 2011, with the conclusion of the documentary A Present Past - Afro-Brazilian Memories in Rio de Janeiro, LABHOI (Laboratory of Oral History and Image - UFF) closes a cycle of research films about the trajectory, memory and cultural heritage of the descendants of the last slaves of the former province of Rio de Janeiro.

Production began in 2005 with the completion of Memories of Captivity. This first filmic experience has opened new avenues of communication, language and research, awaking in teachers Hebe Mattos and Martha Abreu an interest in expand and deepen the archives and audiovisual historiographical writing of LABHOI.

Through the Edital Petrobrás Cultural/2005, the audiovisual archives Acervo UFF Petrobrás Cultural Memória e Música Negra began to be established. Today with nearly 300 hours of interviews and various kinds of cultural and political manifestations filmed, the archive, available in the Central Library of Gragoatá in the Fluminense Federal University - and with a catalog for web search (, was the basis to the three following films of the Laboratory.

Each film produced and worked with the archive from a specific research outline, circulating through characters, places, dances, challenges and common expressions. Together, the different points of view on the history of the descendants of the last slaves from the former province of Rio de Janeiro add up, allowing a broader and more complex view of each of the addressed topics.

A Present Past Verses and Cudgels Jongos, Calangos and Folias Memories of Captivity